Malaysian Students Scholarship

Who are qualified?

  • Malaysian Students
  • High academic achievements.
  • Active in extra curricular activities.
  • Recommendation by the school principal or headmaster would be advantageous.
  • All applicants will be interviewed by members of the Greencity International College Scholarship Board.
  • Scholarships offered only cover tuition fee, it does not cover other compulsory fees and fees payable to partner universities.
  • Scholarships offered for Undergraduate degree, Diploma and Foundation level programmes.

SPM Graduates

  • Full scholarships (100%) are offered to all A’s Students in SPM
  • 50% scholarsips are offered to all 8 A’s Students in SPM

Terms and Conditions

  • To be entitled to continue receiving a partial or full scholarship each semester, scholarship recipients shall maintain high academic results.
  • Scholarship recipients shall contribute to Greencity International College’s activities.
  • All Scholarships are subject to interview and approval from the Scholarship Board.