Greencity International College

Greencity International College is one of the leading private green college in Malaysia, was founded in 2005 under the Private University Act with a vision to create a global higher education center of excellence. Greencity International College Malaysia offers students from all walks of life the advantages of an affordable, personalized education of global standard.

We promote sustainable business practices, recycling, composting, and water solutions to educate young students about the many dimensions of being green.




The course aims to create professionals that have strong foundation in management and business practices. Business management is concerned with operating an organisation with the objectives of making profit or providing value to stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, or the general public. In today’ s competitive business world innovative management skills are needed to sustain the business operation. They will develop their abilities to run the business with sound knowledge and management skills at a strategic level. They will also develop the ability to explore their own business ideas and launch their own enterprise.

Greencity International College