Diploma In Green Technology Management


This programme is to train and educate individuals about green technology and environmental industries, in order to develop their versatality. Through an activity oriented course structure, they provide the necessary experience and skills required for individual to enter the job market with confidence.

Graduates with this diploma have various job opportunities ranging from business organisation to the environtmental and green energy industries.


After completing this course the students will be able to:

  • Formulate strategic solutions for decision-making in addressing sustainability issues
  • Understand the importance of management information system in achieving sustainability
  • Apprehend Information System to environmental and economic problems
  • Analyze empirical data to understand energy choices made by policy makers
  • Define management of organizational so that the objectives achieved

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Sijil Pelajaran malaysia (SPM) / O Levels / UEC (5 credits) or equivalent (3 credits)

DURATION: 2 1/2 years

INTAKES: Jan, April,  August & October


First Year :

  • Waste Management: Theory and Policy
  • Business English
  • Introduction to Green Technology
  • Management
  • Calculus
  • Principals of Management
  • Introduction to Quality Management
  • Principle of Physics
  • Introduction to Environmental Policy and Planning
  • Quantitative Method
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Basic Accounting
  • Pollution Control

Second Year :

  • Research and Case Methodology
  • Sustainable Development: Theory and Policy
  • Energy
  • Environment and Society
  • Introduction to Environmental History
  • Geotechnology and Earth catastrophes
  • Introduction to Urban Design and Development
  • Engineering and Society
  • Professional Skills
  • Corporate Environmental
  • Management Information System
  • Fundamental of Public Policy
  • Introduction to Building Technology
  • Introduction to Energy Economics

Third Year :

  • Industrial Attachment




  • Bahasa Kebangsaan
  • Pengajian Moral/Islam
  • Pengajian Malaysia



This emerging sector offers a wide range of exciting employment opportunities. Graduates are expected to enter careers as:

  • Green technology planner
  • Administrators or managers in green-related companies
  • Coordinators or managers in green-related firms andmanufacturers
  • management personnel in green products or service vendors
  • Environmental engineers
  • Green products facilitators
  • Public relations specialists
  • Industrial engineers
  • Marketing managers
  • Occupational health and safety specialists
  • Management personnel in green companies involving; whole, manufacturing, technical and scientific products
  • Personnel and facilitators in green town planning, energy management and recycling industries.